In the last three years, Understanding ModernGov has delivered training In-House and on-site for over 170 clients. With In-House training every course is tailored the context of the client – no two courses and no two clients are the same. This post follows our In-House course development process.

Initial Consultation:

More and more research is backing up our experience of the last 10 years: personalisation is the key to effective learning. From our very first conversations and our initial research, we are looking to understand your organisational context, the specific challenges you and your team face and the objectives our training should help you achieve.

Equipped with the outputs you need, and understanding the experience and background of your delegates, we then create an up-front and transparent plan detailing timeline of next steps.

Training Design:

We are fortunate to work with a huge network of training specialists and expert speakers, and in collaboration with the trainer that fits your needs we’ll develop your unique training programme. Again, personalisation and customisation is key, so in collaboration with you and our trainer we design training materials and workshop exercises which are relevant to the work and experience of your team.

Although our training specialists are experts in specific sectors, skills, or policies, you are an expert in your organisation, your needs and your team. We therefore seek your sign-off with every workshop to ensure it helps achieve your aims.

Programme Delivery:

When you commission an external supplier for training you want results, expertise and limited hassle. Our professional operations team ensure all training materials are professionally printed and our expert trainers arrive on time and ready to get cracking. A dedicated programme manager is a constant point of contact, ensuring the course runs precisely to your requirements.

Delivering training on-site not only reduces per-delegate costs and travel expenses, but has been shown to increase the number of delegates attending CPD courses by taking the fuss away from booking and travel. Feedback from almost every client tells us that the opportunity to gather a whole team of colleagues from other departments together also helps to share knowledge and best practice across your organisation.


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Transparent Monitoring and Evaluation:

Our monitoring and evaluation serves two purposes: it keeps us accountable to you and helps you analyse the effectiveness of the training. Using Kirkpatrick evaluation tools we provide your organisation insight into the effectiveness of the course, learning outcomes and the impact on organisational and professional development.

We’re always looking to improve, and love the opportunity to develop new, unique and bespoke courses for anyone with challenging learning and development needs. Drop us a message here and we’ll work with you to help you and your team meet your organisational objectives.