Top 10 Popular Training Courses for the Public Sector in 2019

Excelling at Remote Team Leadership, Effective Data Visualisation, Coaching and Mentoring, and People Performance Management top the list

Understanding ModernGov has become the leading provider for public sector professionals to learn skills that help them succeed personally and professionally. With years of experience and a highly skilled team – we are able to track trends for in-demand public sector skills.

So far, we have launched all our training courses up until June 2019 (see the full list of our scheduled courses here), and this is what we have learnt. Our 10 most popular courses show that leadership, writing and communication skills continue to be the most sought after for the public sector.

Here’s our top 10 training courses for 2019, so far:

Confident Communication for Women in the Workplace dominated the list of most booked courses in 2019 so far, with multiple dates available. View all available dates here. * Please note that all dates in 2018 have now sold out.

Excelling in Remote Team Leadership has also burst onto the scene. The public sector is changing, and professionals are working in increasingly agile ways. Whether reducing costs, making better use of office space or encouraging a younger workforce, remote working has latent benefits and is clearly viewed as an important step forward for 2019. View available dates here.

Coaching and Mentoring for Managers was first run this year, but due to high popularity, we have had to schedule another date for March 2019. It seems that there’s a lack of mentoring and coaching in the public sector and the changing environment means that there is as much need for improvement and efficiency as in a commercial business. View available dates here.

Yet another leadership and management course creeps it’s way to the top of our 2019 hit list; Developing High-Performing Teams has seen a massive rise in popularity in 2018 and now 2019 – In order to provide excellent services, the public sector needs to be efficient and operate with a culture of high performance. Clearly, managers are recognising the skills gap here and taking action. View available dates here.

It’s not just communication and leadership skills that are trending, Effective Data Protection Impact Assessments and Complying with Data Subject Access Requests have become some of our most booked courses of 2019. With the GDPR coming into fruition last year, public sector organisations have had to drastically change the way they deal with public data. And clearly, this is an area that will need further development in 2019 to ensure data breaches are dealt with efficiently. View available data courses here.

Many of the trends we saw in 2018 are continuing into 2019. Effective Responses to Complaints in the Public Sector, Producing Effective Reports, Presenting with Impact and Effective Data Visualisation are still some of our most popular courses. View all course dates here.

We’re excited to add many more popular courses to our 2019 agenda. Keep your eyes peeled and check out the full list of our courses here.

Most Popular Courses in 2019, so far*