Q & A with Sandra Miller; What is Storytelling for Business?

 Sandra Miller | Communication Skills Training Consultant

Understanding ModernGov had the chance to speak exclusively with one of our leading business communication trainers Sandra Miller, who works on both our open and In–House platforms, in anticipation of our highly popular, one day workshop; Storytelling for Businesses.

Sandra has worked extensively as a Communication Skills Consultant, Trainer, Coach and Role-Player for the past fifteen years. So we asked her a series of questions to get the inside track.

Q1: What is storytelling?

Storytelling is a way of communicating complex and potentially dry information in a vibrant and meaningful way.

Q2: Where has the term come from?

Storytelling is as old as time. It’s an ancient tradition used by people to explain the idiosyncrasies of life. It’s etymological origins is in the Latin term historia meaning “history, account, tale, story”.

Q3: So how is storytelling applicable to business and working environments?

It’s applicable in business as a way of making data and facts more interesting and memorable.

Q4: Is storytelling a new element of business communication?

People have been telling stories in business for many years. Within the last 5 years it has become more developed as a discipline.

“A more digestible medium of conveying and relating information so that people can connect and be inspired by their colleagues.”

Q5: Why are businesses starting to take more notice of this communication skill now?

As business becomes more data heavy, storytelling has developed into a more digestible medium of conveying and relating information so that people can connect and be inspired by their colleagues. It is recognised scientifically as a means of releasing oxytocin – the empathy hormone which enables listeners to be influenced and engaged.

Q6: How long have you been teaching this communication technique?

I have been running storytelling courses for years but storytelling has been part of my life since childhood!

Storytelling for businesses is a meaningful tool for engaging with colleagues and stakeholders, persuading them to embrace change and getting buy-in. If you are interested in attending Storytelling for Businesses or any of our verbal presentation based workshops, please call 0800 542 9440 or email