Jacqui Barnett | Experienced Mindfulness Practitioner
Understanding ModernGov had the chance to speak exclusively with Trainer, Jacqui Barnett, ahead of our popular Implementing Mindfulness at Work training, running on Thursday 2nd March 2017.
Jacqui is an experienced mindfulness practitioner of 18 years, professional mindfulness trainer and yoga instructor.

Q1: What is mindfulness and why is it critical for public sector professionals to use Mindfulness Based Interventions (MBIs) in the workplace?

Mindfulness can be a very low-cost, high-impact course and it is being used to great effect in a number of organisations from the Houses of Parliament through to Google, the NHS and even the military. So we know that mindfulness can work and it is an effective intervention.


“Heightened performance, reduced absenteeism and improvements in communication, empathy and generally the way people relate to each other”



Q2: What sets mindfulness apart from other interventions?

What sets mindfulness apart is it has over forty years of clinical, evidence-based research. For instance, Mindfulness based cognitive therapy is as or more effective than anti-depressants in treating people with three or more episodes of recurring depression. Mindfulness also has long-term benefits, so we know that when we bring Mindfulness into an organisation, the long-term benefits to support staff grow and grow.

And this is highly transferrable, including heightened performance, reduced absenteeism and improvements in communication, empathy and generally the way that people relate to each other. It can help with decision making and even improve safety and other important decisions that could affect service users.


Q3: How can you get buy-in from senior management?

The way to work with stakeholders in your workplace is to be really sensitive about your culture and the needs of the organisation. So this isn’t one cookie-cutter method that is going to fit all organisations, a lot of what we explore really thoroughly in the day is how we can bring this into your context.


“Learn the facts behind the hype”



Q4: Why should people attend the course?

One of the reasons to attend is to learn the facts behind the hype. Mindfulness is very popular these days and it’s really important that we keep the integrity of the research based work we’ve been doing.

The course explains ways to avoid the common pitfalls that most people come up against and how to develop with good practice. This course is also really interactive, people learn so much from each other and we have a lot of experience in the room. You’ll learn practical skills, how to employ this into your own context and, so I’m told, it’s really good fun!


Interested in attending Implementing Mindfulness at Work? View the full agenda here, or speak to a member of the team 0800 542 9440.