The Importance of Staff Engagement in the Public Sector: Part 2

In the last blog post we spoke about the importance of employee engagement within the public sector.

Using Portsmouth NHS Hospital Trust as a case study, Judy Greevy now delves into how they addressed their disappointing results from the 2012 National Staff Survey and on the path of listed as 1 the top 20% of acute trust.

Judy Greevy:

With staff engagement in the lowest 20% it was clear they had to make some big changes. Here is a detailed look at what they did…

  • Started an initiative called ‘Listening into Action’ to encourage an open culture, in which staff felt comfortable raising concerns
  • Created a framework that focused on: quality and safety, patient experience and working together – incorporating all aspects of how a department works
  • Empowering staff to identify solutions and look at better ways of working
  • Setting up a core sponsor group made up of representatives from all the staff

The results have been impressive:

In the 2014 National Staff Survey Portsmouth NHS Trust was placed in the top 20% of acute trusts, with a 15% increase in staff recommending it as a place to work. Likewise, the ‘Listening into Action’ initiative resulted in a number of measurable improvements to working practices resulting in a 25% increase in productivity.

          infographics-umg-staff-engagement-graphics-3     infographics-umg-staff-engagement-graphics-4

Evidence collected by many other organisations shows that engaged employees also:

  • Have less absence
  • Stay longer with an organisation
  • Are more innovative
  • Show improved customer service
  • Have greater staff advocacy of the organisation

But does engagement really impact on performance or is it the other way around – with performance comes greater engagement? Supporting the side of engagement, a study in a leading retail bank found that employee engagement levels predicted subsequent business level performance over a three-year horizon, whilst business unit performance only predicted engagement over a single year. No wonder 94% of the world’s most admired companies believe that their efforts to engage their employees have created a competitive advantage.

It is clear that any leader in today’s public sector needs to have a good understanding of employee engagement, as it is the key element of securing future success.

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