Getting The Most Out Of Your Meeting With Minutes

According to a survey conducted by Crowne Plaza Hotel and Resorts, the average employee will spend almost 13 working days per year in meetings with 56% of workers believing that they are ‘unproductive’.

That’s roughly the equivalent of…

  • Watching Netflix for 110 hours
  • Flying to the moon and back 4 times
  • Listening to Bohemian Rhapsody 20 times in a row

The role of the minute taker is crucial in enabling you to get the most out of your meetings. You need to be highly organised and prepared, be able to record accurately and write notes transparently, and have good listening skills.

How can you make your meetings more productive through minutes?

Minutes are there to ensure that all participants in the meeting are on the same page and act as a reminder about what was decided. By having a clear structure of what to expect and what happened in the meeting, all team members can ensure that they are prepared to action decisions. Minutes can also serve as legal and historical records for your organisation.

What 5 key things should you include in your minutes?

  1. Your date, time and location – it’s always good to have a record of when and where!
  2. The attendees – who is present (and who isn’t so you can be sure to pass on the minutes)
  3. The purpose – clear objectives of why the meeting is taking place
  4. The agenda – what is covered in the meeting
  5. Decisions – what decisions have been made and what the next steps are

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