This course has now taken place.

Your organisation experiences constant change, whether it is due to external or internal pressures. If change isn’t managed effectively, then it could have an adverse impact on your organisation and staff.

By utilising your leadership skills and taking a more strategic approach to managing change; your organisation will be in a much stronger position to manage change, which will improve productivity, performance, and service delivery.

This course provides you with the tools to take a more strategic approach to managing and delivering change for your organisation. Learn how to adapt change models to a variety of situations, how to build the most effective change team, diagnose and conquer potential roadblocks, and how best to communicate with stakeholders at all levels.

After attending this Strategic Change Leadership course, you will feel more confident, and better equipped with the necessary skills to help your organisation better manage change, to deliver better outcomes.

About the Chair: Nicola Lowit
Nicola is an experienced Senior Civil Servant, trainer, facilitator, and mindfulness teacher. With a background in learning and development, she worked in the voluntary sector and for the Open University before joining Central Government as an Education Advisor to prisons in England and Wales. Since then, Nicola has worked in a number of high profile roles within the Prison Service and the Ministry of Justice, and others. Find out more…