This course has now taken place.

Storytelling is a useful and meaningful tool for communicating, influencing and persuading both your colleagues and key stakeholders. The ability to deliver a story in an imaginative and memorable way is a hugely valuable skill and can help you to enhance and communicate your message with much greater impact.

By examining the stages and structure of storytelling, and how you can apply it to your organisation, this Storytelling for Business course explores useful techniques that will allow you to become a more effective communicator.

Led by Sandra Miller, this course enables you to communicate with your audience in a more engaging and informative way. Through a range of theoretical learning and practical exercises, develop the ability to tell compelling stories that will leave a powerful impression.

Blog: Five top tips for effective ‘storytelling’ in business
Ahead of our upcoming Storytelling for Business – Edinburgh course, we have put together a small list of five top tips that we think are especially important to give a clear idea of what can be achieved from this technique. The art of storytelling in business is key when you are looking to engage with senior managers, stakeholders or colleagues. Read our blog here: Five top tips for effective ‘storytelling’ in business