This course has now taken place.

Housing disrepair claims are on the rise. With payouts and legal costs totalling anywhere from £5,000 to £50,000 per case, disrepair claims are proving to be a pandemic for the housing industry. Many housing associations do not know how to adequately defend themselves against housing disrepair claims or prevent them in the first place.

This Effectively Reducing Disrepair Claims in Housing course gives you the necessary tools to be able to tackle housing disrepair claims and prevent them from occurring. This intimate interactive training course provides the opportunity to learn how to create better policies and procedures that will tackle the rising costs of housing disrepair claims.

This course provides the opportunity to explore the current legislation and assess multi-departmental communications. This course will also help your institution to improve awareness of repair channels and create a next-step action plan on how to improve current policies and procedures.

About the Chair: Neil Brand
Neil Brand is an experienced housing management lawyer who provides advice and consultancy support to both housing associations and local authorities.

Neil is a Partner at Bevan Brittan LLP with nearly 20 years’ experience. His knowledge ensures landlords are given effective advice on contentious matters across all forms of tenure, including secure and assured tenancies and leases, and conducting litigation such as possession, subletting and nuisance from the first stages through to completion.

Neil also advises social landlords on matters relating to disrepair, whether as stand-alone claims or as counterclaims to possession proceedings, based on rent arrears. His experience in assessing issues of liability and quantum mean that clients can be confident his advice on these issues is both accurate and reliable. He has an excellent track record of settling disrepair claims at an early stage, on favourable terms to his landlord clients, keeping the level of tenants’ legal costs minimised.