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As the saying goes, “you’re only as strong as your weakest link” so it’s important you have the tools and techniques at your disposal to help you manage performance across your team.

You might have someone who is underperforming, which is impacting productivity and morale. Conversely, you might have someone who is a star performer who gets frustrated at not being stretched enough. And then there is everyone in between.

On this Effective People Performance Management training course, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of performance management, along with tools and techniques to help you get the best out of everyone in your team. We’ll also explore those exceptions when someone simply isn’t able to perform to standards and give you ways to handle this effectively.

By the end of the session, you’ll know how to identify and manage underperformance, develop confidence and techniques to manage difficult conversations, re-engage underperforming staff and keep high-performing staff motivated.

Attend this course as a stand-alone one day course or as part of our management series.

If you would like to attend more than one course in our management series, there are multiple booking discounts available: £100 off if you book two days and £200 off if you book three days. For more information please call 0800 542 9440.

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