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The success of your organisation’s strategy depends on managers communicating and managing change. As a manager you are at the forefront of delivering change within your organisation, however you need the full support of your staff to achieve this.

By gaining senior buy-in, engendering an appreciation for change amongst your staff, and communicating your strategy to key stakeholders, you will be able to create a change-ready public sector organisation.

This course gives you the necessary tools to utilise your leadership skills to deliver change. Learn how to engage and manage staff through the change process, communicate change to your staff and overcome structural and organisational barriers to change.

Attend this Effectively Communicating and Managing Change training course to gain the necessary change management tools to identify and overcome obstacles to communicating and delivering change.

Attend this course as a stand-alone one day course or as part of our management series.

If you would like to attend more than one course in our management series, there are multiple booking discounts available: £100 off if you book two days and £200 off if you book three days. For more information please call 0800 542 9440.

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