This course has now taken place.

Our course has been designed to ensure your school is always ready for a forthcoming Ofsted inspection.

This course gives you guidance on effectively evidencing student progress, improving lesson planning, teaching and marking, and fulfilling your safeguarding duties.

This practical Ensure Your School is Always Inspection Ready course gives you guidance on driving forward school improvement so that you can be confident at inspection time.

Attend to gain tips from best practice case studies, learn how to utilise data and other tools to evidence improvement and leave the day with an action plan to ensure your school can always demonstrate its good practice.

About the Chair: Rachael Norman
Rachael graduated from Manchester University with a BA Hons in History and has a PGCSE, an MA in History and a Doctorate in Education from King’s College, London. She is a former secondary Headteacher and  a school governor and has been working in Lambeth as the Lead Secondary School Improvement Advisor for the past year. Rachael  brings a depth of knowledge of the education sector as a past Headteacher and a passion for best practice in driving school improvement, her main objective is to improve the quality of teaching and learning to secure aspirational outcomes for pupils of all abilities.