Brexit and the general election will see the UK go through an unprecedented level of policy upheaval and reform. The need for effective impact assessment is paramount for any organisation associated with the public sector.

Through interactive workshops, this training course gives you the skills to ensure your impact assessments are carried out in line with best practice, and that they get the green light and appropriate sign-off.

Join our course facilitator, Dr Philip Davies, who contributed to the original Green and the Magenta books – the core guidance for those in Government writing and evaluating impact assessments

On this Utilising Impact Assessments course, gain the expertise and practical tools to carry out an impact assessment. Return to your organisation with the confidence to deliver better policy.

About the Chair: Dr Philip Davies
Dr Davies is a contributor to the original Green and the Magenta books – the core guidance for those in Government writing and evaluating impact assessments.

From 2000-2007, Dr Davies was a senior civil servant in the UK Cabinet Office and HM Treasury, responsible for policy evaluation and analysis. Before joining the Cabinet Office Dr Davies was a University Lecturer in Social and Political Science at the University of Oxford, and he has held academic positions at the University of Aberdeen and the University of California, San Diego.

Before joining the UK Cabinet Office in November 2000, Dr Davies was a full time academic, having graduated with a doctorate from the University of California, San Diego. He has held academic appointments in the UK and the USA, including Senior Research Fellow at the American Institutes for Research in Washington DC.

Dr Davies has been a leading figure in the development of evidence-based policy in the United Kingdom, and has lectured and consulted in this area across the world. He has been an advisor on evidence-based policy and practice in America, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Norway, South Africa, South Korea and Sweden. He has worked with the African Union Commission and the World Bank to develop impact evaluations and the use of evidence to reduce poverty in Indonesia, Africa and the Middle East.

Dr Davies has also provided leadership in translating lengthy and complex research findings into concise and readable summaries for non-academic audiences. He works internationally with groups whose expertise is in knowledge translation, transfer and brokerage.

08:45 - 09.15


09.15 - 09:30

Trainer's Welcome and Introduction

09:30 - 10:30

Workshop: What Are Impact Assessments? Why Do We Use Them?

  • Understand the policy context of impact assessments
  • Different meanings of impact
  • The role of monitoring and evaluation in impact assessments
  • What impacts are assessed?
  • Sources of data
10:30 - 10:45

Morning Break

10:45 - 11:15

Workshop: Policy Options and Developing a Theory of Change

  • Clarifying policy objectives and outcomes
  • Developing a theory of change
  • Stakeholder involvement
  • Consider the ‘do minimum’/’do nothing’ option
  • Group exercise
11.15 - 12.15

Workshop: Assessing Economic Impacts

  • What economic impacts are assessed and how?
  • Economic appraisal methods
  • Group exercise
12.15 - 13.00


13.00 - 13:45

Workshop: Assessing Social Impacts

  • What social impacts are assessed, and how?
  • Group exercise
13:45 - 14:30

Workshop: Assessing Environmental Impacts

  • What environmental impacts are assessed, and how?
  • Assessing sustainability
  • Group exercise
14:30 - 14:45

Afternoon Break

14:45 - 15:15

Workshop: Assessing Delivery and Implementation Capability

  • Developing a Delivery Plan
  • Establishing who are delivery partners and agencies
  • Using delivery trajectories and delivery reviews
  • Undertaking implementation and delivery reviews
  • Group exercise
15:15 - 15:45

Workshop: Post-Implementation Review of Impact Assessments

  • Undertaking impact and formative evaluations
  • Selecting Indicators
  • Developing and using a monitoring and evaluation matrix
15:45 - 16:00

Feedback, Evaluation & Close

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