This course has now taken place.

According to the UK Customer Satisfaction Index, customer satisfaction has begun to increase within the public sector during the last year, however, it still remains among the lowest performing sectors when it comes to delivering customer service. Due to growing expectations and varying customer needs, a YPO National Survey puts 83% of public sector organisations highlighting the need to take a more serious look at the robustness of their customer service strategy.

Understanding and identifying service users’ differing needs is vital to being able to provide efficient, specific services to everybody; for example, people from diverse cultural backgrounds or individuals with disabilities. On this course, learn how to empower your staff to provide excellent customer service, and equip them with the tools to communicate effectively with all service users.

This interactive training course teaches best practice on how to effectively communicate with your organisation’s service users, understand how their needs may vary and how to impart these skills on your team upon return to work. Leave with the skills to effectively deliver excellent customer service to all groups in your locality and ensure a positive service environment throughout every interaction