This course has now taken place.

The effectiveness of an organisation’s strategy depends on culture – even with the best strategy in the world, if your culture is at odds with your strategy it will never fulfil its potential.

Culture can be the key to success. Organisational culture is all the beliefs and values that shape behaviour and dictate the ways things get done in your organisation therefore it can work with you or against you.

On this Enabling Effective Cultural Change course learn how to shape cultural change that works towards strategic goals, and to harness a vision that works with your new culture.

Attend this Enabling Effective Cultural Change course to understand and influence the culture in your organisation. Learning the skills to embed positive culture, promote engagement, and build investment in your organisation.

About the Chair: David Elverson
David is a change management and stakeholder expert, with a passion to help create more effective services. He trains a wide range of organisations and their staff on developing their commercial awareness, entrepreneurial acumen and stakeholder management.

He has worked extensively across the public, third and private sectors to get them to improve the way they deliver services.

David is passionate about translating strategy into action in a way that engages staff and develops buy in and high levels of productivity.