This course has now taken place.

To ensure a strategy is sound and produces successful outcomes, good quality decisions need to be made. Good decisions, in turn, rely on high quality strategic thinking.

Attend this course to change your thinking, challenge perceptions and plan actions that will enable change. Hone your skills in a collaborative and open training environment.

This Effective Strategic Thinking course will de-mystify strategic thinking; assess the benefits of strategic analysis; learn how to use strategic analysis and understand how to best implement your strategy at your organisation.

This highly interactive course allows you to evaluate your performance, address your weaknesses and gain a deeper understanding of how imaginative thinking can improve your work.

About the Chair: Judy Oliver
 Judy specialises in leadership development, strategic thinking, transition planning and facilitation of multi-agency and multi-professional partnerships and teams and community consultations. Her portfolio of work includes executive coaching and development for directors and people in organisations across all sectors but particularly local government and the NHS.

Judy is an accredited assessor for the Myers Brigg Type Indicator and has qualified as a Thinking Environment Consultant and Coach with Nancy Kline and a Transitions Consultant with William Bridges in the US. Judy was a non-executive director in the NHS for twelve years with two hospitals and a Primary Care Trust. Prior to starting her own business, she held senior roles in local government including Head of HR for Education in Kent County Council and Advisor to the Deputy Chief Executive. Before this, Judy worked for BP for seventeen years in a variety of personnel, industrial relations and legal roles across the spectrum of the oil industry from exploration to marketing.