This course has now taken place.

Reports allow you to communicate key information to a selected audience. The most effective reports lead to better decision-making, strong organisational practices and increased productivity.

By equipping yourself with tried-and-tested planning, and writing techniques, you can establish standardised templates to successfully communicate a variety of information.

This Producing Effective Reports course gives you the ability to understand what your reader is looking for; the ability to plan and organise key information, and the confidence to write more effective reports.

Through hands on practical exercises and reviewing real-life examples, you will practise writing more effective reports, which will help you convey information in a more efficient way.

Blog: Q & A with Sue Calthorpe on Effective Report Writing
Ahead of our upcoming Effective Report Writing course, we spoke to communications specialist Susan Calthorpe. She trains many high-profile private and public sector organisations to enhance their communications skills through writing reports and official documents. Susan works with organisations and individuals to improve their written communications skills. She worked as a regional and national newspaper journalist before setting up a full-service communications company, now established for 30 years.

Her recent clients include Legal & General, HSBC, BRIT, the Law Society, the Civil Aviation Authority, Express Medicals Ltd, the Intellectual Property Office and the Office for National Statistics.She has also worked with many government departments and has recently undertaken particular projects with the Home Office, HMRC, HMT, MOD, DfID, the FCO, the Information Commissioner’s Office and the Insolvency Service.

Read our Q & A blog here: Q & A with Sue Calthorpe on Effective Report Writing