This course has now taken place.

This highly practical and interactive Creating Data Protection Impact Assessments training course provides you with the necessary skills to carry out a DPIA, in order to comply with the latest data protection legislation.

Through practical and interactive workshop sessions you will learn how to successfully carry out a DPIA, to help your organisation eliminate privacy risks.

By attending this Creating Data Protection Impact Assessments course, gain the skills to embed a privacy by design approach and leave the day with methods to reduce or eliminate privacy risks to your organisation.

What previous delegates have said:

“This is a very useful course. The presentation was clear and informative. The presenter was very knowledgeable and approachable.”
Disclosure Officer, South Wales Police

“Very interesting and knowledgeable speaker who provided practical examples of how to apply DPA/GDPR in practice.”
Development and support Service Manager, East Lancashire Hospice

“The effective data impact assessments course was really engaging and interesting covering a range of topics from the legal understanding required to complete the assessments to the method thought process required to do so.”
Data Analyst, Health and Safety Executive 

About the Chair: Lynn Wyeth
Lynn is the Information Governance Manager at Leicester City Council. Having previously worked as an MP and MEP’s political assistant, Lynn moved to her local council where she now oversees the Council’s Information Governance agenda including data protection, FOI, information sharing, RIPA and CCTV. She has also helped health organisations with their information governance procedures.

Lynn is the author of two books, A Practical Guide to Handling Freedom of Information Requests and Data Protection: Compliance in Practice. Find out more.