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Knowing how to communicate with key stakeholders, service users and customers in your copy is vital to enhancing engagement. However, adapting your copy so that it works for different audiences is extremely challenging.

Attend our Effective Copywriting Skills course to ensure that you are able to identify the needs of your audience and to learn what techniques will make your copywriting successful.

Led by Copywriter and Journalist Eddy Lawrence, our Copywriting course will equip you with the tools to better understand your audience and ensure that your copy is engaging and compelling. Through a range of theory, practical exercises and best practice examples, leave the day with the confidence to consistently produce effective and persuasive copy.

About the Chair: Eddy Lawrence
Eddy is a journalist, copywriter and editor. Eddy writes for The Guardian, Shortlist and Time Out, and regularly runs talks and masterclasses on copywriting for businesses and the public for Clever Boxer and Guardian Masterclasses.

Before that Eddy was Music Editor of Timeout, where he planned and commissioned all music content for Time Out London magazine and website, achieving a balance between big name interviews (Jay Z, Blur, Lady Gaga) and exciting new music from all genres. Find out more.