This course has now taken place.

The concept of a growth mindset involves a person’s ability to be flexible, open-minded and adaptable to change. It is the fundamental belief that our basic abilities can be developed through persistence, dedication and flexibility.

Through recognising and developing the key elements of a growth mindset, including goal-setting, self-improvement and the importance of collaboration, you can drastically improve your ability to view changing circumstances as golden opportunities, leading to increased confidence, motivation and success in the workplace.

Attend this one-day CPD certified training course, to become more effective when dealing with unforeseen circumstances and acquire the skills to improve motivation, morale and performance in your teams, as well as personal productivity.

Through a range of practical workshops and exercises facilitated by award-winning organisational psychologist Hayley Lewis, this highly interactive course teaches you how to develop your growth mindset and leave with a personalised improvement plan to implement with your teams back at work.