This course has now taken place.

There is increasing pressure in the public sector to turn huge pools of available data into effective communications. When presented in the right way, data is a powerful way to drive action with internal stakeholders and external audiences.

Digital tools allow us to create interactive visualisations of data that audiences can manipulate and explore, allowing for a greater understanding of the data than a simple visualisation will allow.

This Creating Interactive Data Visualisations course introduces you to the tools and techniques needed to turn raw data into interactive resources, online dashboards and other dynamic presentations.

Who will this course benefit?

This course is for anyone who is currently or soon to be working with online dashboards or other interactive visualisations, and wants an overview of techniques, approaches and real-world best practice examples. It is particularly suited to people who have already attended the Effective Data Visualisation course, although background reading can be provided to those who haven’t.

You should be comfortable working with data and formulas, but no prior coding knowledge is required. The course is intended as an introduction to this subject area and includes a mix of hands-on exercises, formal tuition and group discussion.

This course uses JavaScript tools and libraries, but the principles and approaches taught will be applicable to other software, platforms or languages.

About the Chair: Alan Rutter
Alan Rutter is a journalist, digital consultant, product owner and trainer. He oversaw the iPad edition launches of Wired, GQ, Vanity Fair and Vogue in the UK, and has been working with Condé Nast International as product owner on a bespoke digital asset management system for their 11 global markets. Find out more here.