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An effective communications strategy is vital to meeting your organisation’s corporate objectives, keeping key stakeholders informed about changes and crucial to strengthening the relationship with your customers.

Without an effective communication strategy in place, trust issues can arise with stakeholders, and there can be a lack of clarity over your organisation’s vision, which can result in damage to your firm’s reputation.

Creating Effective Communication Strategies will provide you with the advanced communication tools needed to implement a clear, concise and effective communications strategy, and ensure senior buy-in.

Who is the chair? Tim Smith:
I understand how to communicate effectively with people and how great communication can make change go well. I get a real buzz out of using my skills to help organisations achieve their goals and support their people.

As a result, organisations as diverse as Thames Water, Ofsted, the RAC, British Nuclear Group and a number of London boroughs have asked me to improve how they communicate and support their business transformation.

I quickly understand how an organisation works and the challenges it faces, using tried and tested approaches to plan and improve communications.

I develop and manage new communication channels and content to help organisations communicate better and I write those often difficult messages clearly and persuasively.

People have often referred to me as a ‘trusted advisor’ with the gravitas and credibility to win the confidence of senior leadership teams. I build great relationships with HR and project team and work really well with in-house comms teams.