This course has now taken place.

Assertiveness can help you influence your peers and external stakeholders in an insistent and self-assured way. Managers who do not practise this invaluable tool risk having their points missed in meetings, perceived as too passive and are even overlooked for promotions. However, when practised incorrectly, assertiveness can be mistaken for brashness or even aggression. Leading to staff feeling demotivated and alienated.

This Effective Assertiveness course gives you the core practical skills to communicate, use body language and get your point across in a more confident way without being perceived as too aggressive or passive.

Attend this course to enhance your levels of assertiveness to help you become a more decisive and influential manager.

About the Chair: Stuart Riddington
Stuart is a business development and strategy expert, who is passionate about developing leaders and helping organisations move forward.

He has worked with NHS Trusts, local authorities, international, national and local charities, SME’s and Fortune 500 companies. Stuart has worked extensively with organisations internationally including the USA, Hong Kong, Tanzania, China, Mexico, El Salvador and Thailand. His creative approach to developing strategy and leaders means he is sought after consultant.

Stuart is passionate about innovative and practical steps to help organisations and leaders reach their full potential.