This course has now taken place.

A highly developed understanding of Excel can help organisations to monitor and manipulate data.

This Advanced Excel Training course has been specifically designed to help those with at least an intermediate understanding of Excel, to make better sense of their data.

By attending this Advanced Excel Training course, gain a better understanding of using more advanced Excel tools, such as auto filters, subtotals formulas and advanced lookups; to help import, clean and validate data. You will also learn more advanced tools to manipulate data through using mixed plots and Goal seek.

Practise using Excel tools on public sector data and benefit from expert guidance from our trainer to increase your skills and give you a firmer understanding of more innovative techniques.

Delegates will be asked to bring their own laptops.

About the Chair: Branko Pecar
Branko spent most of his career working for Emerson, a global and one of the largest process control equipment manufacturing corporations. His last position was VP Educational Services. In the past, he also lectured at University of Gloucestershire in several subjects, including quantitative methods and applications of Excel.

He published a series of books in statistics with a variety of publishers, such as McGraw Hill, Oxford University Press and Amazon. Almost all of these books are based around applying a variety of sophisticated methods using the simplest Excel syntax. He has been using Excel for over thirty years and has experience in applying it to numerous and diverse problems.

At present, Branko is working on algorithms for a Norwegian start up, applying Fast Fourier Transforms to problems related to process safety valves. Currently, he uses Excel extensively as a modelling tool to validate some of the process assumptions required to optimize the algorithms.