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As a Manager you make critical decisions on a daily basis, which have a direct impact on your staff, organisation and yourself. Agonising over a decision or making the wrong decision, can often take up time, resources and money.

This Effective Decision Making course helps you overcome the common traps that can inhibit your decision-making processes.

Attend this highly interactive training course to learn and then apply proven methodologies, which will aid your decision-making process and overcome complex issues.

Leave the day with proven and actionable decision-making techniques, which can aid your role as a Manager or Project Lead.

About the Chair: Dr Valentina Ferretti
Award-winning teacher of Risk and Decision Analysis at the London School of Economics and Political Science, the Wiley Practice Prize by the International Society on Multi-Criteria Decision Making and of the INFORMS 2017 Decision Analysis Practice Award.

She is also an Area Editor of the Journal of Multi Criteria Decision Analysis and of the International Journal of the Analytic Hierarchy Process. Has published widely in the field, in Journals such as the European Journal of Operational Research, Risk Analysis, Decision Support Systems, Environmental Modelling and Software, to name a few, and  holds research visiting positions at multiple high ranking international Universities. Find out more here…