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Dr. Fabrizio Trifiro

International Manager, Quality Assurance Agency (QAA)

Fabrizio Trifiro’ joined the QAA in 2009. He leads on TNE Review, strengthening cooperation with counterpart agencies overseas, and the international student experience.

Fabrizio is leading the international work QAA undertakes on behalf of the UK funding bodies, this includes managing in-country reviews of TNE, and finding ways to enhance the efficiency of TNE review through strengthened cross-border cooperation with other quality assurance agencies.

Fabrizio was part of the QAA review team that looked at UK TNE in China, and leads QAA’s engagement with key partners in China including through the implementation of the Beijing Statement for cooperation in the quality assurance of UK-China TNE and the Cross-Border Quality Assurance Network aiming at strengthening cooperation between Europe and Asia on TNE.

Fabrizio led the development of the Toolkit Cooperation in Cross-Border Higher Education: A Toolkit for Quality Assurance Agencies, published by the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education, as well as the QAA’s Guide for UK higher education providers Supporting and enhancing the experience of international students in the UK.

Fabrizio holds a PhD in Political Philosophy (University of London), a MA in Human Rights (University of Bologna), a MSc in Social Research Methods (University of Sussex), and a BA Hons in Philosophy (University of Bologna), and prior to joining QAA he held a number of research and lecturing posts in the UK, Ireland and Italy.