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David Hughes

Headteacher, Thornlie Primary School
Fellow, Scottish College for Educational Leadership

David Hughes is the headteacher of Thornlie Primary in Wishaw. David has participated in and led a number of initiatives within North Lanarkshire. He is a Head Teacher Mentor, and leads the National Improvement Framework group on Building Learning Power. He has presented for Grounds For Learning, the European Heads Conference, the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Findhorn Northern Lights Conference, and the Royale Conservatoire of Tbilisi, on subjects including outdoor learning, health and wellbeing, and inclusion. David is Fellow of the Scottish College for Educational Leadership, and a facilitator on its Excellence in Headship programme.

He believes that educational frameworks should connect with big themes of social justice, community wellbeing, human connection, and personal freedom, but can only be made meaningful through the hundreds of tiny interactions that happen in schools each day; and movement within these frameworks should be adventurous, playful and joyful. David finds his colleagues and children to be a constant source of inspiration, and still claims that – though not for the faint-hearted – turning up for work at Thornlie is a daily privilege and joy.