Understanding what influences human reaction could improve health outcomes and more…

With the NHS coming under increased pressure, more responsibility is placed on local authorities and public health services to reduce the number of people suffering from preventable long-term illnesses. As such, behavioural insights and social marketing have become an integral part of public health initiatives.

Social marketing makes use of behavioural insights to create campaigns that target specific audiences in a language that they will understand. If you’ve heard of Stoptober or Dry January, you’ve come into contact with a social marketing campaign. You may have even taken part…

For individuals, behavioural insights can improve health outcomes in a way that still respects their autonomy. Ultimately this allows interested parties to produce an impactful, cost-effective and pre-emptive policy.


Enable people to “make better choices for themselves”


The Cabinet Office’s Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) perfectly demonstrates the growing impact of this type of social marketing. The first of its kind to work hand in hand with Whitehall decision makers, they’re an institute dedicated to making public services more cost-effective and easier to use, in addition to enabling people to make “better choices for themselves”.

Their research has ranged from investigating the positive effect on food choices when healthy options are positioned in prominent places within shops, to examining how emotional framing is used to encourage charitable donations.

In fact, their work has been so successful that they have now opened overseas, taking their work to Sydney and New York – but there are still many dedicated professionals producing some excellent work right here, within our local authorities.


Social marketing behaviour 2


You have an exclusive chance to work with such professionals at our Effective Social Marketing training, running in central London on Thursday 30th March. Attendees will explore how to implement behaviour changes among target audiences and learn from the strategic leads of award-winning social marketing campaigns.

Meet the Experts | Two key speakers who will be sharing their insights:  

Professor Karen Pine is the Chief Product Officer at Do Something Different

Do Something Different uses evidence-based behaviour change methods to help individuals take control of their health and wellbeing by making better choices. Their work has already delivered lasting behaviour change to numerous local councils, from Hertfordshire to Coventry.

Karen and her colleagues want to inspire millions of people to do something different. They use digital platforms to bring people out of their comfort zones and launch them on a new path through life. By doing something different, the project aims to change people’s habits and analyses their personalities to shape their learning and development.

Sue Cumming is the Head of Behavioural Insight & Change at Liverpool City Council

Sue Cumming heads an award winning Behavioural Insight & Change team for the NHS and Public Health in Liverpool. She has 23 years marketing and research experience working for a leading FTSE 100 Company, with more recent experience developing insight within the NHS and local government.

Sue has introduced commercial practices to the NHS and Public Health to understand population attitudes, motivations and barriers by developing innovative strategic insight and segmentation frameworks.

These frameworks have been applied to key health priorities including the #binthebeds campaign, targeting popular sunbed usage in Liverpool. Liverpool City Council asked whether it was “The Look to Die For” using behavioural insights as well as innovative social marketing techniques to raise awareness about the issue.

By understanding how people react and behave in different situations and incorporating this knowledge into policy design and marketing campaigns, you can deliver lasting behaviour change.

To view the full agenda for our Effective Social Marketing training click here or speak to a member of the team 0800 542 9440.