As regular readers of the UMG blog will know: the key advantage of UMG In-House training is our focus on tailored or bespoke content and materials, designed entirely for the public sector and your organisation. In the last 9 months we’ve run 120 courses on-site for 80 different public sector organisations, working with over 2000 senior public sector professionals.

Our focus on the public sector and regular constant exposure to the ever-changing context and challenges faced by our clients ensures we’re prepared to meet needs when more bespoke training needs arise. No two In-House courses are the same – a few of the unique challenges we’ve worked on are below.

Higher Education: Surveys, Data and Analysis to Enhancing Student Experience and Engagement

We’re no stranger to helping universities to enhance their student experience and engagement. This university had already made progress and won awards for student experience. To further improve the Faculty, Heads needed to start gathering more feedback from students and using more complex data analysis techniques to understand survey results.

Working with NSS Data expert Kate Little, and the client University we put together a fully bespoke and completely unique set of workshops to help delegates:

  • Identify feedback required and questions for stakeholders and students that need to be asked to achieve key student experience objectives.
  • Understand available feedback tools, including surveys, focus groups and staff-student liaison committees.
  • Mitigate potential barriers to students giving honest feedback and encourage staff involvement
  • Utilise research design and analysis skills with an overview of correlation, causality and significance, thematic analysis, validity and reliability, and theoretical saturation.

Local Authority: Developing Communications Strategies for Public Health Campaigns

Our experienced and popular writing trainer, Sue Calthorpe, is no stranger to creating effective communications campaigns. This local authority had set their targets on creating more impactful public health campaigns in order to reduce the burden on community care resources and take a more holistic approach to the health of their local community.

Working with Sue and the client we put together a fully bespoke approach to designing promotional campaigns. After collectively establishing the identity, brand and ideas they wanted to promote delegates were led through interactive workshops to ensure they could:

  • Create customer and stakeholder insight and use it to good effect in writing
  • Analyse how their audiences interact with their campaigns and understand the science behind how stakeholders read and interpret promotional writing
  • Write for different audiences, using planning grids to ensuring clarity of purpose
  • Apply a range of literary devices to inform; educate; persuade; influence and call for action
  • Effectively edit text to create copy that says more in fewer words

Healthcare: GDPR, Data Protection and Information Sharing

Data protection and GDPR is a challenge for every organisation we work with. Throw in the commonplace large IT change programmes, and the government’s drive for inter-agency working and it’s a tough challenge to crack. This Clinical Commissioning Group came to us with the need for a data protection refresher as well as a fresh perspective on how to balance compliance, effectiveness of service and patient need.

Our data protection expert Lynn Wyeth had experience of this very issue having worked on regional Information Sharing in the East Midlands. Through detailed consultation with this CCG and Lynn we put together a day of workshops to help staff across different health services:

  • Conduct healthcare-specific data risk analysis and trusted assessment
  • Learn how to overcome cultural barriers to sharing between different organisations
  • Maintain compliance to Data Protection Act and GDPR
  • Build a base of knowledge shared across services and drive forward the CCG’s information sharing programme

No two In-House training courses are the same. We don’t do off the shelf. If you’ve got training needs but can’t find a supplier with expertise in your area, send us your brief see what our expert L&D programme development team and experienced consultants can help your team achieve.

If you are interested in speaking to a member of our in-house team to discuss running bespoke training in your organisation, then please feel free to contact us by email at or give us a call on 0800 542 9440.