Nottingham Trent University

What were the initial requirements at Nottingham Trent University?

Our Finance and Administration teams sought training to help build individual’s confidence in delivering presentations and business cases to a high level audience. Due to the diverse nature of our roles, we each hoped to gain insight and knowledge of top tips that would help to make an impact and influence the buy-in of our audience.

Why did you chose UMG?

We had seen UMG advertised online; the programme appeared to tick all of the boxes and offer expertise in additional areas, and the trainers came with excellent credentials.

What were the training outcomes?

Feedback from our attendee’s was ranked 100% positive, and the course exceeded our expectations and delivered far more than we anticipated – each individual took away a memorable lesson from the experience, not only in how to apply clever business techniques, but also a fresh perspective resulting in very valuable, personal, and enlightening insights and outcomes.

Final thought…

We would highly recommend training with UMG for a memorable day away from the desk that will pay dividends to your personal development and team building.