Northern Devon NHS Trust

What were the initial requirements at Northern Devon NHS Trust?

We recognised that our teams needed training in developing documents that supported effective business planning and case proposals, and wanted to develop a programme that enhanced their ability to write detailed reports and documents in the most effective, efficient way, articulating all needs, plans and outcomes.

Why did you chose UMG?

The content of existing programmes delivered by UMG attracted us to the group, and the ability to deliver sessions in a bespoke way within our own venue ensured the best use of time and met the demand for such a focused programme. The feedback has been very encouraging, and has led to continued use of UMG to provide training.

What were the training outcomes?

To support our team to hone effective skills, improving the way they communicate with colleagues and service users. Also, we wanted to enhance team skills with effective communication across a variety of media and audiences, following a house style that was structured and focused.

How has what the team learned been utilised in the organisation?

The learning has been utilised to increase effective communication within our organisation, particularly in reports, which has supported more efficiently and effectively in promoting business cases and activity.

Final thoughts…

UMG listened to the challenges and personalised the content of the course to meet our needs, delivering it in a bespoke fashion that gave very positive responses and outcomes.