Derby City Council

Who are Derby City Council?

Derby City Council are a unitary Authority in the East Midlands, with the operational division Streetpride covering services including Highway Maintenance, Engineering, Street Cleansing, and Waste Management. We have a growing range of commercial services offered to both internal and external clients.

What were the initial requirements?

To develop our commercial awareness to enable our fledgling commercial services to grow and take on new clients from a variety of sectors. The increased income generated would then be used to subsidise essential public services.

Why did you chose UMG?

The course literature looked good, with a decent balance of theory and practical examples from other similar organisations. Previous feedback and testimonials were also very positive.

What were the training outcomes?

The confidence that we were heading in the right direction with our commercial strategy, with a better insight into client expectations and how to manage them.

How has what the team learned been utilised in the organisation?

The learning from the day has been used to better identify what our offer is to our potential customers, what makes us unique, and what the benefits are to our clients in coming to us. We have also been able to better target potential customers and manage relationships, making sure they are happy with our services in order to ensure repeat custom.

Final thoughts…

The course presenter was very knowledgeable, with directly applicable experience relating to our services and needs. He’d been in our position, and had come out the other side successfully.