Top Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy While Working in the Public Sector

Work taking up all of your time? Here’s our top tips to stay fit and healthy!


We understand that when working in the Public Sector, a lot of your time is dedicated to your job and finding time for yourself, or lead a fit and healthy lifestyle, almost becomes a chore. So we have created a guide to a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing the time you don’t have.

See below for our top tips:


organising your time

Keeping organised play’s a massive role in making sure you are maximising your time for both work, social and health duties – creating a list is the perfect way to do this. Start by creating a plan of what you want to achieve day to day for both work and exercise, this can help you map out exactly what time you have for each activity, making time keeping easier throughout the day, and setting strict time limits for each activity to stick to so you finish them.

After you have created your perfect list for the day, begin to priorities more important activities, for example, if you have a hectic day of meetings and submissions then make sure the work done for that is completed – give yourself a deadline. This will mean that when it comes to exercising you know you have completed the most important things for the day.

By creating a list of daily activities, you will also find a sense of achievement at the end of each day, seeing everything on the list ticked off, making you feel even better for keeping fit and healthy.


Less is more:

When it comes to exercising, the misconception that you need to work out for 2 hours everyday to feel the benefit isn’t always the case. Work out what works for your body and daily routine. A one hour hard hit of exercise, using different work outs (squats, lunges, walking, etc.) can have just the same impact as 2 hours in the gym after work.

Try not to pressure yourself to work out the same amount each day if you don’t have time, use what time you have effectively and research quick-fire hit workouts or gym classes that fit into your busy schedule.


Mix it up!

Once you have worked out what works for you (exercise wise) then you can really start to use your time effectively. Using different variations of workouts and activities can benefit not only your physical health but also metal health. After a busy day of sitting in meeting, dealing with complaints or sitting at your desk, try getting outside and playing a sport that you enjoy. Local sports teams for football, rugby, netball and many more are perfect ways to get time outside in the fresh air and relieve some stress. Mixing up what you do for exercise will also make your workout feel less like a chore and more enjoyable.

Another way to mix up your workouts is to incorporate them into your work during the day. In a long meeting over the phone? Step out of the office and go for a walk while you are talking if possible, this will not only benefit your fitness and health, getting you into the fresh air but also help you be more creative and engage more rather than sitting at your desk or in a meeting room. You may also feel more energised afterwards and ready to crack on with the rest of the day. Furthermore, by just going for a walk around the block or going for a wonder around the office won’t take attention away from the meeting, still allowing you to focus on what you need to and those you are listening to.



food - eating healthy

Everyone who works in the public sector understand the struggle of getting home from a long day and a long commute and having to cook a decent meal for an hour and reaching for the takeaway menu or a microwave meal seems like the most logical thing to do. But this is effecting what you are eating on a daily basis, stuffing your body with fast food and unhealthy meals will only make you feel worse, it can cause lack of energy and effect your mental state as the body isn’t getting all of the nutrients it needs to run.

This can easily be fixed, some microwave meal brands have nutritious and delicious meals that can be used as a quick-fire meal, so when shopping at the supermarket on the weekend, try looking out for those healthy brands like Weight Watchers or M&S healthy meals. These should only be used as a last resort as living off ready meals, is not the only way to stay fit and healthy.

If you enjoy the cooking side but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen, meal prep is a great way to get quick meals ready for when you arrive home. Preparing a meal, the night before is a great way to organise your time cooking and relaxing. Alternatively, over the weekend when you are less hectic, think about preparing easy to heat meals like a low-fat spaghetti bolognese or chilli that can be stored in the freezer, ready to be defrosted during the day while you are at work. Furthermore, big prep like salad, fruit and vegetable pots are good ways to  minimise your time in the kitchen, just cook up, put them in the fridge, ready to be reheated and eaten the next day (be careful what you are reheating and make sure they are able to be re cooked).



relax - importance of relaxing

Keeping fit and healthy is more than just about exercising, learning to relax both your body and mind is just as important as getting active. Taking time out of your day to relax and spend time with yourself if also very beneficial to your health. If you find yourself getting stressed or agitated both at work or home, maybe it’s time to relax on your own and make time to pamper and look after your body. Yoga is a brilliant way to do this, focusing on breathing, soft slow movements and silence, or the occasional spa music playlist, both indoors and outdoors on a hot summers evening. Yoga can also increase body awareness, relieve stress, reduces muscle tension, strain, and inflammation, sharpens attention and concentration, and clams and centers the nervous system, so you may find that your work motivation and quality of work improves.


Make the most of weekends:

make the most of weekends - family time

We are all guilty of going into couch potato mode on a weekend, where sitting in front of the TV or staying in bed seems like the best possible idea on your days off, but this is the perfect time to exercise and prep for your week.

While weekends are normally the space in the week for social time, you can easily maximise this by changing some of the activities you do, instead of meeting a friend for a heavy breakfast on a Sunday morning, walk to a café and have a lighter breakfast (you will feel better for not over loading with a full English!) or if you regularly have free Saturday mornings join a local sport team that plays on a Saturday, getting you out of bed and kick-starting the day with some friendly competition.

We understand that having a busy job in the public sector and kids can become a massive load of work, chores and responsibilities but using your weekends to priorities family activities can also benefit your mental well-being and physical health. Activities like swimming, even if it’s just playing around in the pool as a family, going for walks through the woods, playing badminton in the garden (home sets are cheap online) or even walking the dog or taking the kids over the park. All of these get you outdoors and incorporates the whole family, leaving a positive impact on everyone and providing some chilled family bonding, while keeping fit and healthy.


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