Writing Speeches and Preparing Presentations

Do you have to prepare a speech either for yourself or a colleague? Writing speeches and preparing presentations can be a difficult task, as they must communicate a message succinctly and effectively in a very limited time.

Every speech ever written has a different purpose – for example, a politician with a new policy proposal or the best man at a wedding – but the tools required to write a speech can be used across any topic.

In fact, an important factor is how you engage with your audience and how you keep their attention throughout the presentation. Get them interested and give them a reason to listen.

Remember that not everyone will be an expert on the topic you are presenting, so knowing which techniques to employ and how to write in an appropriate style for the specific occasion and audience is crucial for writing a truly impactful speech.

Before you begin writing or thinking about your speech, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill advises to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you want the audience to learn or do?
  • If you are making an argument, why do you want them to agree with you?
  • If they already agree with you, why are you giving the speech?
  • How can your audience benefit from what you have to say?

Think about establishing a positive relationship with the audience while you do your speech writing.

In addition to mastering the tone and point of the speech, repetition is also beneficiary; especially if you’re delivering a long speech, just to remind the audience of the points you have talked about. This is similar to a summary and can always lead to a new point or conclusion; seen as the most effective part of a speech. Call to action: how does your speech affect the audience and their lives? You should finish a speech with a highlight or a jaw dropping point; giving yourself the opportunity of being remembered and complimented.

Always remember how to structure, format and achieve the right tone for your speech in order to master the process of writing words to be spoken aloud, rather than read.

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