Is One-to-One Coaching for You?

Not everyone who is perceived as a high flyer has got to the top with no extra support. Most of the top job levels and influential figures have one-to-one coaching, mentors, counsellors or someone to lean on for that extra knowledge and support.

At Understanding ModernGov, we offer ongoing support to public sector professionals through one-to-one coaching with our trainers. Coaching can be offered to follow-up sessions to our courses or as a stand-alone service.

Below displays the eight reasons why you may wish to consider one-to-one coaching at your organisation in order to progress further into your career.

Understanding ModernGov will work closely with you to establish detailed knowledge of your specific issue and what you would like to achieve individually. If this is something you would be interested in, please feel free to email us on or call 0800 542 9440

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