5 Essential Steps for Successful Change Management


Change management is a structured approach to moving an organisation from the current state to the desired future state. In our fast-changing world, adapting becomes necessary to ensure your organisation succeeds or even lasts.

The facts

Researches show that organisational change initiatives fail more often that they succeed, despite the resources put into it.

Resistance to change is a natural phenomenon, and one of biggest challenges against a structured and controlled change management. So, to ensure a smooth transition it is imperative that you have an effective and well-planned communications strategy that considers the impact on employees and equips them with the skills and information they need to understand why the change is necessary.

Managing the process of change is critical to the success of any change programme. Rushed, unplanned change can seriously damage the effectiveness of a department, its activities and reputation.

5 Essential Steps of The Change Process

1. Involve your staff

It is imperative to keep your employees in the loop. Ask their opinions and get their input on how business runs today and what they believe should be changed. A top-down approach doesn’t work.

2. Delegate effectively

Spread the workload giving your employees tasks that contribute to the end goal and encourage them to solve problems creatively. This will make them feel part of the process and more in control.

3. Be flexible

Don’t lose your focus and remain firm to your goals and see changes implemented fully. Leaving undone tasks can lead to less committed staff. However, make sure you are flexible and be ready to change strategies (if necessary).

4. Address feeling

It is imperative to know what your employees think and how the morale is. Be sure to consider everyone’s ideas and concerns. It will make the acceptance of the change easier as well as maybe bring out issues that management missed.

5. Stay positive

Always show motivation and enthusiasm, whether for the changes themselves or for the employees who implement them. This will help your employees staying focused and dedicated.

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