How Much Time do we Spend at Work?

Dear reader, I am sad to admit that wishing my life away is a bad habit of mine.  I wished to be older when I was young. To be younger now I am older. For lunchtime, for the weekend, for the holidays, for next year, and just like that, in a finger-snap, life passes. So, this year I am dedicated to use my time wisely. No more counting the days for the future!

I began my journey with some research on how we spend our time which lead me to some very interesting facts that I would like to share with you…

Would you believe that the average human spends just under 80 years on earth? Of those years, a mind blowing 26 years will be spent sleeping… but what’s more surprising is that an additional 7 years will be spent trying to get to sleep!

Another massive part of our lives is work. But, do you really know how much time you spend at work? Over the course of a lifetime, probably a lot more than you think…


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