A New Year’s State of Mind

New Year’s resolutions are in full swing! Gyms are full, joggers have taken to the streets and vegetables are in short supply in the local supermarkets. Are you the type of person that is motivated by the new year and the ‘fresh start’ feeling that comes with it?

I recently heard that people that started their resolutions a few days before the first of January are far more likely to stay on track with them throughout the year. I’m trying to drink more water in the office, at least a litre and half per day. So far, so good.

Many people choose more extreme goals than I have…Dry January, Veganuary, Januhairy? Wait, what? Yes, that’s right! The new trend for this year is Januhairy. If you haven’t heard of it yet, Laura Jackson, at Exeter University, started this campaign where women are throwing out their razors for the month and embracing their body hair. Controversial, I know. And it has caused quite the storm in the media.

Anyway, there is something extremely refreshing about the start of the new year. The possibility of a whole new blank page to re-programme ourselves and enter the new year with a renewed energy to kick off a ‘new me’ – whatever that means to each and every single one of us.

So, as we say our final goodbye to the last mince pies left in our cupboards and enter 2019 with a kick, we thought we’d roundup some of 2018’s highlights, for the UK and for us too.

2018 was a year full of excitement, with Royal weddings, England’s unbelievable performance in the World Cup, one of the hottest summers on record, (more) Brexit, the launch of GDPR, and us launching our Confident Communication for Women in the Workplace training course – which has turned out to be quite the catch for many women (and one man) in the public sector.

But what has been the talk of the town elsewhere? The top Google searches in the UK for 2018 were:

  1. World Cup
  2. Meghan Markle
  3. Royal Wedding
  4. Black Panther
  5. Roxanne Pallett
  6. Fortnite
  7. Demi Lovato
  8. Ant McPartlin
  9. A Star Is Born
  10. Khloe Kardashian

And our 10 most popular courses for us in 2018 were:

  1. Confident Communication for Women in the Workplace
  2. Speaking with Impact
  3. Effective Data Visualisation
  4. Creating Data Protection Impact Assessments
  5. Effective Coaching and Mentoring
  6. Effective Responses to Complaints in the Public Sector
  7. Complying with Data Subject Access Requests
  8. Effective Premises Compliance Audits
  9. Effective Data Analytics
  10. Storytelling for Business

Now over to you….

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