Top Haunted Courses for this Halloween

The scariest time of the year is here again… It’s HALLOWEEN! And while thousands of people try their hardest to have the spookiest night, Understanding ModernGov is here to help you avoid your worst nightmares.

For example, do you find public speaking a terrifying experience? Or maybe that pushy customer that keeps on complaining scares the pants off you…

Well, we have the remedy for all these ills!

Speaking with Impact

Our Speaking with Impact course with Sandra Miller, a RADA trained Actor and communications specialist, will improve your public speaking skills and provide you with exclusive tips on how to prepare yourself for stressful situations. This is one of our most popular courses, ran several times a year in different locations, and constantly receives exceptional feedback from the delegates.

Ensuring Customer Service Excellence

For those in customer service, UMG has developed a course specifically to overcome the biggest challenges of customer service in the public sector. This one-day highly interactive course teaches best practice on how to effectively communicate with your organisation’s service users. Click here to see full agenda.

Quick Thinking

How good are you at responding to quick-fire and complex questions? Many assume that the ability to think quickly is something that you either have or not, but in fact it is a cognitive process that can- and should- be practiced. For this reason, and if you would like to improve your confidence to think quickly and effectively whatever the situation, this is the course for you. Click here to see full agenda.

Effective Proofing and Editing Skills

In high-pressured work environments, emails, reports, summaries and articles are increasingly completed with speed, which mean credibility and accuracy can suffer. Spotting common mistakes in your own work or when reviewing colleagues’ work can often be a difficult task and seemingly insignificant mistakes can have huge implications. For this reason, we are hosting the highly practical ‘Effective Proofing and Editing Skills’ course to improve your written communication skills. Click here to see full agenda.

Now over to you….

Now we’ve finished bragging about our great courses, we want to hear from you: Do any of our courses seem like they would be relevant to you? Is there an area of interest to you that we haven’t covered? As always you can tweet us at @UModernGov or using #UMGTraining. We always love to hear from you, even if it’s just about what you did for Halloween.

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