It’s a wrap! Where has 2017 gone?

2018 will be on us faster than a hot knife through butter. So now is the time to be preparing for the New Year and perhaps, your resolutions and goals. Will you be learning a new skill or quitting a bad habit?

We want to inspire your personal development goals. So, below are some of, in our opinion, the biggest things, from Brexit to GDPR that happened in 2017 that made us stop and think…And even sometimes – run a brand new course to compensate for new legislation and learning gaps.

Brexit – Business as usual?

Okay, so we admit, this didn’t happen in 2017, but it was still one of the main talking points in government and the media so this deserves a place on our yearly roundup. On the face of it, a year and a half has passed since the UK voted to leave the EU, and not a great deal has changed. But if we are looking ahead, how might it affect your organisation in 2018?

Depending on how Brexit is negotiated, potential skills gaps could open up in the wake of reduced EU labour migration that may lead to a talent shortage. “The UK suffers from major skills shortages already and it could be argued that migration has masked these to an extent”, said Katie Jacobs, editor of HR Magazine.

Organisations should evaluate their position in a post-Brexit market; investigating shifting needs and skills gaps within their workplace, industry, and sector to help their services and/or products best match evolving needs. Check out the full list of our CPD accredited courses here.

Data and GDPR

So, not necessarily the most interesting topic to blog about, but stay focused, we’ll keep it brief…This will affect you so we thought it should be brought to light.

The GDPR will fundamentally change the process and approaches to data security for the majority of UK and European businesses – in both public and private sectors.

Information reported by the ICO shows that UK healthcare organisations accounted for 43% of all reported data security incidents in the last three years, while central and local government made up 11%.

Not only this, the ICO can only provide data on incidents that are reported, so the situation could be even worse. In fact, in 2016 the National Audit Office found that the 17 largest government departments recorded 8,995 data breaches in 2014-15. Only 14 of those were reported to the ICO.

The requirements for reporting data breaches will soon drastically change, as will the penalties for failing to adequately secure that data. Are you prepared for the changes?

(Here’s our sales bit) Check out our upcoming course on Understanding Data Protection & GDPR – view the agenda here.

Unicorn food

So this may not be completely relevant for us to discuss, but let’s talk about ‘unicornification’ for a second. It happened in 2017 and it was big, sparkly and colourful.

Multi-coloured and glittery food creations have been almost impossible to avoid this year, unless you’ve stayed clear of all social media platforms. Whether this is a good or bad thing depends on your tolerance for food trends and well, the ongoing obesity crisis in the UK.

I’m not sure it’s fair to blame the UK obesity epidemic on the unicorn food trend however sugar consumption has raised questions within the NHS as to whether organisations are doing enough to tackle the increasing health epidemic.

(If we share a link to our healthcare courses, does it make it okay to blog about unicorn food? We hope so…) Check out all of our upcoming healthcare courses here.

Understanding ModernGov’s 2017 Roundup

Reflecting on 2017, we’ve crunched some data and thought we’d share a little bit about our crowd pleasing courses and content.

Here’s our most popular courses of 2017 (by this, we mean that these courses run often, receive brilliant feedback and sell out fast):

We would also like to share some of our most popular blogs from 2017:

Understanding ModernGov in 2017

For those of you that have worked with us, attended our courses or met us at any events during 2017, we would like to thank you for another brilliant year. Our training course feedback is returning with even greater satisfaction rates year on year and we must thank our brilliant trainers, speakers, marketing team and of course, our programme team who make it all happen.

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Season’s Greetings from all at Understanding ModernGov