All organisations have to meet the needs of a diverse and expansive range of people; from beneficiaries, stakeholders and elected members to the general public. Each audience group has its own culture and therefore needs to be addressed in a tailored writing style to get the best possible result.

Effective and clear copywriting skills are often overlooked which can have a huge impact on positive outcomes. To help you overcome this, we have put together a small list of tips for great copywriting that can help to drive engagement and persuade any audience.

1. Be concise

Write less, say more. Take a moment before you start writing. Think about what it is that you want to say and how you want to say it. Take a note of the points you want to make in a logical order.

2. A clear call to action

From the start, be clear about what you want from the reader and let them know what they can get from you. The call to action should be one of the first thing your reader sees.

3. Use Plain English

Avoid jargon and always explain any technical terms.

Research by the Fabian Society has shown that public sector terminology can be confusing and occasionally meaningless to readers. The research found that a “very strong suspicion of public service reform narratives used by politicians” exists, and therefore they recommend “a new language for talking about how to improve services.”

4. Share the benefits

Let your reader know the incentive behind engaging with your copy. What benefits can they expect from reading it or clicking on your call to action?

5. Use the right tone of voice

Think about who you are speaking to before putting pen to paper. What is the right tone of voice for them? Imagine that you are talking to them in person. Write sincerely and personally in a style that is suitable.

6. Seek support and development

The economy is ever-changing and the importance of continually developing your copywriting skills is growing. Whether you read blogs or attend courses, staying up to date with the latest advice is essential to generating persuasive copy.

With this in mind, Understanding ModernGov have developed a highly interactive and popular, CPD Certified training course, Effective Copywriting Skills, view the available dates here.

Led by copywriter and journalist, Eddy Lawrence, delegates will learn essential copywriting skills that will enable them to collate and articulate information quickly and succinctly without losing the key points or tone of voice. What’s more, attendees will gain an understanding of their readers’ needs and wants in order to frame their message in a way that will make them take action.

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