Overcoming Teacher Shortages

The House of Commons Education Select Committee’s February 2017 report highlighted the current crisis facing teacher recruitment and retention.

As the report states “the quality of education in England depends on the quality of the teachers in our schools”. The shortage of teachers is a pressing problem facing the Education sector in England, despite the Government’s interventions to improve the situation.

With this in mind, Understanding ModernGov’s Effective Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategies course will enable you to overcome the challenges to teacher shortages in 3 key stages, using practical methods to recruit and retain the best teachers.

Where is your school now?

To fix this problem it is vital that school leaders assess their current approaches to teacher recruitment and retention. By sharing their current teacher shortage problems with other school leaders and teacher recruitment expert, Sir Andrew Carter, attendees will be able to learn the necessary tools and strategies to overcome the issue.

Improving Recruitment Strategies

It is essential that school leaders learn how to develop and apply effective teacher recruitment strategies. By developing more effective recruitment strategies schools will be able to improve the intake of teachers to their school.

Effective recruitment strategies are not just a matter of finding the right candidate, it is also essential to sell your school to prospective applicants. Schools need to appeal to graduates, especially as they are competing with other more conventional graduate employers, such as accountancy firms and banks.

Greater focus on teacher development to retain the best teachers

Like any employee, teachers need to feel valued. By following practical guidance to identify emerging talents, and coach current and aspiring leaders, school leaders will ultimately be able to retain them.

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